KeePass Password Safe Manager

KeePass is a state of the art , open source, and easy-to-use password manager.It is also offers other productive and efficient tools. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Refer to our EULA for the end of user licence agreement.

KeePass is OSI Certified Open Source Software published under the scope and limitations of the GNU General Public Release. These open-source softwares are publicly obtainable through their respective publisher’s websites. If you have questions about KeePass, please refer to the KeePass official forums. an additional software recommendations may be offered from third party. These recommendations are dependent on the discretion of each user and they are allowed to choose  whether to accept them or not.


KeePass Password Safe Manager is an innovative, open source and very simple to use password manager that users can download on pretty much any device that they own. The main focus of this handy software application is to help its users manage all their passwords in the most secure method possible. Instead of trying to memorize every single password for every single account, e-mail address and others, KeePass Password Safe Manager can do the job for you. Besides that, it will make sure that you have full security of all the passwords and personal details that you have inputted into it.

Users can put in all their passwords in just one database, which makes it easier to find. That one database is locked with one key file and/or master key that only the user knows about. Users basically only have to remember one single master password or choose a key file to be able to unlock the entire database. KeePass has many ground-breaking and handy features for its users. Users can also download KeePass for iPad and iPhone which is neat because there are millions of individuals in the world that are using Apple products and need this software application. Download KeePass free today .